SSP:NGL Supply-Side Platform

The Leading Global Advertising Platform connects Mobile Publishers & App Developers.

Optimized Returns

Yields higher eCPMs

Billions Of Impressions

Connected to huge number of demand partners

Easy Integration

Fast, easy, and free

A Multifunctional Publisher Ad Server

The whole control over monetization will be given by our seamless solution. With advanced reporting and targeting options, NGL SSP enables publishers to integrate and optimize their mobile media resources in one place to achieve their goals.


Integrate with NGL SSP to access global channels.


Dynamic Demands enable all demand sources optimizing automatically with NGL SSP.


Monetize your app with higher eCPMs.

Private Marketplace

Control your income through exclusive deals with your chosen partners, and increase income through advanced segmentation options to get your exchange settings in charge.


To improve competition and earn more revenue,NGL SDK is mediated into your SSP demand stack to keep your ad operations easy.


Detailed, customizable traffic and revenue reports with the KPIs that matter most will be given.

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Connect to a quantity of global demand side platforms and a large number of simple integrated ad networks.