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Posted on 2020-09-25 17:48:20

In the past two months, the performance of Chinese games has been quite impressive.The monthly income of Chinese games going global exceeds 100 million, and the daily profit is 7.4 million US dollars. Chinese games pursuing global growth click the accelerator button.
Data shows that NetEase's "Knives Out" revenue exceeded 78 million U.S. dollars in August, setting a new record. The single-day operating income in Japan was as high as 7.4 million U.S. dollars, which drove NetEase's monthly revenue from overseas to increase by 8.5% month-on-month. Lilith's "Sword and Expedition" landed in the Japanese market at the end of June and ranked among the top 10 best sellers within a week. The following month, Lilith led Chinese mobile games occupying half of the top 20 best-selling list in Japan. A seemingly humble traditional SLG named"Western Wind" was launched in the North American market,its Month Revenue reached 8 million U.S. dollars and ranked the best-selling Top 30.
These competitive new products have raised the threshold of going overseas to a certain extent, but during this period, the methodology of the globalization has also been improved day by day. More and more developers have a clear understanding of the game categories they are working on, and know how to use the tools to go overseas. As players mature, more competitive products will be polished.It is actually the best time to seize the opportunity.
The idea of going global and the behavior of players are very different
Today’s overseas market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Many publishing styles, player performances, and market patterns subvert our past perceptions.
As far as the players are concerned, their preferences and payment methods for choosing games are very different from the past.
The first is the increasing demands for multiplayer games.
After the outbreak of the epidemic this year, players’ offline social interactions have been blocked and they have increasingly relied on multiplayer games to pass the time. On YouTube, searches for “playing online games with friends” this year soared by 20 times from February to March.
Google found that users in many countries/regions are still looking for multiplayer games due to lack of communication with others, and the search volume for "multiplayer games" has surged.
To this day, we can still see the excellent performance of multiplayer competitive games such as "PUBG Mobile", "Wild Action" and "Fifth Personality" which are inseparable from the huge number of players.
The second is the change in monetization methods.
Google pointed out that there were as many as 850 million mobile game players in China and Southeast Asia in 2019, creating an annual increase of 28 billion US dollars in mobile game profits. The income of casual players and core players is increasing. Taking the medium to heavy core players as an example, 81% of paying users are willing to watch advertisements, which means that players are more accepting of different in-game payment methods in the game, and they are recognized within the game. The monetization method of mixing buying and incentive video is different from the inherent cognition.
The aforementioned "PUBG Mobile" achieved good results with the Prime and Prime Plus in 2019. It is worth mentioning that according to concerning data, after the game's pass was launched, global revenue in the first week increased by 365% over the previous three weeks. In just-released August overseas revenue list, "PUBG Mobile" firmly consolidated the first place, with monthly revenue exceeding 1 billion U.S. dollars.
The popularity of the new payment model is largely based on the fact that players continue to invest in the game for a long time. When they are not satisfied with the original payment feedback, the new payment mechanism will make it strong interest of.
The reason why the new model is so popular is partly based on the continuous expansion of players into this game. When they are dissatisfied with the conversion feedback, the new mechanism replaces them and generates strong interest.
Finally, more segmented products are accepted by overseas players.
The success of MMO "Dragon Fantasy" in the Japanese market, and the breakthrough of the placement category "Sword and Expedition" in the Japanese and Korean markets are all based on the lack of IP and the lack of awareness of local players.
The user level of multiple split tracks has been significantly expanded. The number of active users of alternate sandbox games worldwide has increased by 50 million, which is a relatively small number of billiard games. It also increased by more than 20 million.
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